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Our Malaga airport car park offers top quality indoor parking for less than it would cost to park it in the open at the airport.

"If you can get better or the same at a lower price we guarantee the difference"

Malaga Airtport Car Parking


Airport carparking gives you simply what you pay for. If you cut corners and get below lowest possible indoor carparking like ours, you will most definitely be sending it to a rough field with or without proper security.
It will also, most likely, be taken by road on your insurance to a point a very long way away.

Some are even taking it as far down as Estepona without the knowledge of the clients. If the hazards of an unknown driver and often very busy and narrow side lanes where the cheap fields are, does not matter, then go ahead. It could also, (as some well known delincuents are doing), be left in public roadways to the mercy of all passersby.

Look around the BP Garage and see for yourself - the owners of most of those cars thought they were safe and sound in some secure warehouse somewhere until we photographed them and sent them the pics ...

Cars in Parking

If in doubt about what you are getting for such a low price,
check the following.

Size of the warehouse - capable of taking a minimum of 200 cars. If it is smaller than that, you car is being taken somewhere else. 38 cars required to fill a space of 500 sq. mts. Get a written statement showing (a) That your car will be kept indoors or outdoors and WHERE.
Finally if still impressed, take the mileage reading down. The depreciation in value of your car over a period of more than a month out in the open is very considerable. In some cases, it means a new paint job. We say: do not risk it.

We can pick you up at the airport and drive back to our warehouse (only five minutes from San Miguel) or you can drive straight into the warehouse and we will drive you back in your car or in our courtesy bus - whichever is the most convenient.
Your car will not be moved, once parked, and the battery will be disconnected (during long stays) unless you specifically state to the contrary. We will start the engine at regular periods to ensure that no damage is done to the petrol pump, cylinders and old batteries.